Seoladh: Bothar Na Naomh,
Co. Thiobraid Árann

Bleaist Eolaíochta – Rang 6 san RDS

Ghlac Rang 6 páirt sa Bhleaist Eolaíochta san RDS le tionscnamh faoi bheacha agus a dtábhacht sa timpeallacht. Chuireadar obair den scoth isteach sa tionscnamh agus thuilleadra moladh mór ó na moltóirí.

Rang 6 compiled an outstanding project on the importance of bees in our environment entitled ‘Cá mbeimis gan Beacha?’ They showcased it in the RDS at he ESB Science Blast and earned fantastic praise from the judges and were requested to submit it to other showcases and competitions. They completed a site survey in school and came up with an Action Plan as to how we can help the plight of these amazing insects on our school grounds. They delivered a very important message to all who came to view their work.

Maith sibh Rang 6!