Seoladh: Bothar Na Naomh,
Co. Thiobraid Árann

Dán: Socks

Moladh mór le Séimí i Rang 5 as an sár obair a dhein sé ag scríobh an dáin seo. Ard fhear a Shéimí!

Bain taitneamh as é a léamh!


In this wet place

with no up or no down,

I spin and spin

Until I am drowned.


My brother has lost me

In the spinning and churning,

Going up and going down

Around and around.


Once it stops,

I’m hung upside down

and I wave around

pulled and pushed

till I’m all dry.


After a while,

I’m brought back in,

Everyone searching for my brother

In the big sorting.


Once he’s found

After a while

We’re stuck together

And put in a pile.


A few days later

I’m put on your feet

And stay with you

Until you’re beat.


When I start to smell

You throw me away

So I end up where

I started my foray.

By Séimí Ó Gormáin